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Codename: Bucks For Ducks

MVP - Minimum Viable Product

This is my overall MVP requirements. Once all have been accomplished, the product will offically in V 1.0

  1. Provide ability to See Ducks online
    • Well, you need to see the ducks. Without this, you would just be sending me money to feed ducks but get nothing out of it other than a nice note.
  2. Provide ability to Feed Ducks online
    • Push a button, then feed comes out.
  3. Provide ability to Interact with Ducks online
    • Sound to call in ducks (pre-scripted)
    • Move a toy or something similar?


Primary objectives. Taking a MVP and further refining it to something much cleaner.

  1. Functional Test

  2. Facebook Login

  3. PayPal Payment

  4. Basic Ability to soft close feeding


These objectives would be great but other elements take higher order.

  1. History
  2. Leaderboard
  3. Advance/Automated soft close feedings
    • Out of feed
    • Ducks not in range
    • Bad Weather
    • Nighttime
  4. Secondary Video Feed

Everything Else…

No order to this list. Honestly, these are WAY, WAY, WAY down the list.

  • Marketing
  • Product Store (shirts, hats, and ducks?!?!?)
  • Domain name (currently housed under dreamofcode.com)


Check it out live here Bucks for Ducks

Last Updated 03/12/2018

  • MVP - Item 1 (Provide ability to See Ducks online) : 100% Finished -> Writeup @ Raspberry Pi Streaming to YouTube
    • This feed goes down while I am working on either the code or the hardware for the feeder.
  • Purchased 2nd camera feed. The main reason for this purchase was to gain a replacement rPIZero camera cable. I burned up the orginial cable due to not weather proofing the first setup.
  • Paypal - Currently working but in Sandbox mode.
  • Facebook login is live.
  • IOT button purchased. Writeup @ Amazon IOT Button


Look, I made a thing.