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STEM Night March 2019

STEM Night


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

The local elementary school was hosting a STEM night that was organized by the PTO. Having a technology background, I figured this would be a great event to show off some of the technology that WVDE has to offer in the Robo-to-Go program. The Robo-to-Go program allows schools across the state to check out different sets of technology for use in the classroom.

Some of the sets include

  • Little Bits
  • Raspberry Pis
  • Sphero classroom pack
  • HTC Vive VR set
  • Code and Go Mouse
  • Snap Circuits
  • Keva Planks
  • OSMO
  • Makedo Cardboard Construction Kits
  • Makey Makey
  • 360 Degree Cameras

Given the amount of time that I would have to demo to the students, I went with the HTC Vive VR set. I focused on one of the simpler programs called Tilt Brush. This allows the users to paint on a 3d digital canvas and have the ability to walk around to truely see their creation. Most students picked this up pretty fast with little guideance on how to get started. One student, a 4th grader, went full creative mode and created a massive tree by walking around in the 3d space.

The Ripley HS Robotics group brought their robots out which was also a big hit. Ripley HS Robotics

DEP brought out a hand crank generator to display the needed effory to power different types of light bulbs. DEP hand crank generator

In total, there was over 15 presentors showing off different STEM careers within the local area of WV.



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