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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - 2018

AWS SysOps Administrator

On Feb 26th, 2018, I finished my 2nd certification into AWS by passing the SysOps Administrator exam.

Solutions Artchitect

I’m not going to go over any of the questions or what was on the exam, but I wanted to give a reason as to why I took the exam.

At one of my prior positions, I was much more hands on with the virtualized environment. I handled a lot of the SysOps duties that spanned almost 100 servers. The knowledge that I gained at that time was fueled by solving a problem with the least amount of downtime possible. Utilizing VMWare, I was able to migrate our virtualized servers from three hosts to just two and perform any needed maintenance on that single host. After this is done, I would move to another host and so on until all three were handled. Granted this was so much better than handling physical maintenance on each of the servers if they had not been virtualized. But I was still taking time out to work on physical hosts. This is where the magic of AWS makes SysOps so much better.

Now, AWS SysOps uses some of the same knowledge that I aquired during that time but pushes even farther out thanks to cloud infrastructure. Without needing to think about physical hosts, I can focus on instances and the best practices in their administration.

Deployment, Management, and Operations. These three things are key to being a great SysOps Administrator.

To quote the AWS Certifications site

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate exam validates technical expertise in deployment, management, and operations on the AWS platform.



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